• Love & Light Gemstone Bracelet (More gemstones available)


    Gemstone Love & Light  7" stretch Bracelet with polished White Quartz.

    8 sand blasted, matte finish gemstones to choose from with white Quartz center.

    White Quartz:  known as "master healer", amplifies energy and thought, cleanses, balances, revitalizes      body & soul.

    Sodalite (blue/white mix):  excellent for the mind, helps eliminate confusion, stimulates intellect, encourages self esteem and trust

    Green Adventurine:  stone of opportunity, lucky in manifesting prosperity, helps release old patterns for new growth

    Rose Quartz (soft pink):  unconditional love and infinite peace, purifies and opens the heart , self love

    African Turquoise (green/black/brown mix):  solace for the spirit, well being for the body, protective, purifying

    White Agate:  hope, grounding, harmonizes yin/ yang, helps protect mother and baby

    Red Agate:  energy, vitality, confidence, grounding, promotes peace, balance 

    Black Agate:  grounding, centering, peace, quiet, represents the Earth element

    Amethyst (purple):  spiritual awareness, protection, healing