For over 26 years B.Fatica Jewelry has been creating lovely gemstone jewelry that women truly love and enjoy wearing.  B.Fatica's one of a kind pieces have been recognized for their delicate, feminine, and tranquil beauty.  
     Sensitive to the intrinsic power of the stones, the artist combines exquisite gemstones from Amethyst and Labradorite to Rose Quartz and Ruby in energetic harmony with 24 karat gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver worldly charms, beads and pendants, making each piece a cherished work of art.  Each jewelry piece is created with the intention of empowering, beautifying, and healing the mind, body, soul connection for women. A tiny Amethyst bead is placed at back of the neck on each charm necklace where the mind and body connect. The Artist also prays on each Rosary as it is being created with the intention of the prayers lasting a lifetime for the owner.
      B.Fatica is happy to work with you to create personalized handmade jewelry pieces that will uplift, energize and rejuvenate your spirit.
                                                                                   Peace, love, and light,